Nitish Matthew, MA, MA (I/O), LMHC | Biography


Qualifications and Experience

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado. I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling with an emphasis in Bible and Theology from Denver Seminary and a Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. I am also certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. I have been counseling informally since 1990 and professionally in the United States since 2002. I have logged over 10,000 hours of coaching counselors and have met with hundreds of clients over the years.

My Call to Christian Counseling

I believe God has given me a natural gifting for counseling and a love for working with people relationally. He also provided numerous years of preparation and experience leading up to my counseling career, beginning with my Bachelor’s degree in psychology, which I obtained from the University of Victoria in 1997. My education and ministry experience have also afforded me a strong knowledge of Biblical studies and theology, which contributes to my ability to counsel and coach from a Christian perspective.

On a Personal Note

My wife and I have one daughter. Having lived in Denver for 12 years before moving to Seattle, I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, and sledding. I am a prolific reader of global current events, and I enjoy watching Netflix and almost all sports. I have significant exposure to world cultures, having grown up through International Schools in Hong Kong and lived in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States. I have a deep understanding of American culture, as all of my counseling and psychology training took place in North America. My multicultural background assists me – I can relate to many different types of people and cultures within Seattle’s diverse population. In terms of specific counseling topics, I have a good understanding of trauma, abuse, and attachment issues from life experience.