Andy Ainsworth, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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I’ve personally experienced what the love and healing grace of Christ can do and I’d love to share that experience with you. I will walk with you in authenticity toward real and lasting solutions. My hope is for you to find freedom from the bonds that hinder your life, marriage, and your relationship with yourself and God. Whether you struggle with relationships, anger, grief, pornography addiction, post-traumatic stress, or other obstacles, healing is possible. I’m honored to partner with you and Christ on a journey of personal growth and newness of life.

Silverdale – Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu

I am humbled to serve in the capacity of marriage and family care. Having received an abundance of care and compassion from Jesus over the years, I seek to share that same care and compassion with others. Whether you struggle with relationship problems, anger, grief, pornography addiction, traumatic experiences, or other obstacles, my desire is to show you hope. Each person has their own road to walk; I would be honored to accompany you on your journey. Together we will move toward a path that supports your core values and strengths and offers renewed enthusiasm for your life and relationships.

My Goals as a Christian Counselor

My goals are for you to learn to love God more deeply, understand the immensity of His love for you, and how we are to love others. I desire to walk with you in compassion toward authenticity and a healthy lifestyle – one that is free from shame, loneliness, and fear. I will pray for you, believe in your unique gifting, and help you realize your own story and possibility for growth.

What I Offer in Christian Counseling

My faith is intertwined and cemented into my life, and therefore also into my counseling practice. As a lover of God, I hope to model the one, true counselor: Jesus Christ. I offer a place of hope and light amidst a dark world – a place that brings the experience of authentic, relational care to life, so you can heal from brokenness, break away from damaging generational cycles, and experience peace and joy in Jesus.

My Approach to Christian Counseling

My approach is founded on the love of God. Helping you come to know the fullness of God’s love will greatly impact your life and relationships. My prayer is that you will experience hope and a regeneration of the soul as you realize you are not alone. In finding healing from life’s hurts and subsequent habits, my hope is for you to find freedom from bitterness, resentment, fear, and shame. Together we will gain an understanding of unhealthy relational cycles and learn to replace these with a healthy, God-honoring approach.

Qualifications and Experience

My professional titles include Licensed Minister, Board Certified Christian Counselor, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and Washington. While earning my BA in Corrections from California State University, I served as a counselor for young men incarcerated for drug-related crimes. I went on to earn my MA in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California. During that time, I spent two years interning for high school and community college students while also facilitating group and individual counseling for Mt. Diablo Transitional Services, a day treatment program for men and women experiencing schizophrenia. After graduate school, I pursued an internship with a Marriage and Family Therapy focus. I also served as a teacher-coach and counselor at Concord Christian Schools for middle and high school students. Continuing to further my education has always been important to me so that I can better serve those in need. This has included one hundred hours of training for treatment of chemical dependency. In addition, my wife and I are so grateful for the long-term mentoring relationship we enjoy with Great Commandment Ministries in Cedar Park, Texas. This relationship has provided incredibly useful insight and training for compassionate couples’ care and has significantly impacted my ministry.

My Call to Christian Counseling

My motivation to pursue counseling came from a few places, the first and most important being an incredible gratefulness for what God has done in my life. Before I ever knew Him, I possessed a sensitivity to other people and their pain. As I moved toward God and learned of His compassionate love for us all, I realized this very specific call on my life – though, like many, at times I attempted to hide in a cave to avoid the gifting He put in me before I was born (Psalm 139; Philippians 1:6).A second reason for me living this career is that I want to share the promise of healing that Christ has in store for us – promises I’ve experienced first-hand. Through my faith, an incredible wife, and countless strong and compassionate people along the way, I experienced tremendous healing and the honor of being able to see through other people’s lenses. I learned that because He has comforted and healed me (a process that continues to this day), I have a duty to do the same for others (2 Corinthians 1:1-4). Through Christ, despite all the pains and sufferings of this world, we are never alone. I hope to help others come to know that same comfort and hope.

More About Me

I have been married to the love of my life, Paulette, for more than 40 years. We have two married children and five beautiful grandchildren. My personal goal is to, by the grace of God, be the best possible man, husband, father, “Pops,” and friend that I can be. My wife and I love running, riding our bicycles, and Cross Fit training together. I enjoy occasional furniture making using re purposed wood and I’ve also been given a heart to write.

Marriage Intensives

My wife, Paulette, and I provide a unique and strategic program called Christian Marriage Counseling Intensives. These private marriage therapy retreats take place over three consecutive days and are designed to give hope, bring healing, and foster restoration to husbands and wives when all seems lost. If your marriage is not where you’d like it to be, we invite you to take the next step toward bringing your relationship back to health, with God’s help. Learn more at our Marriage Intensives page.

Marriage Counseling

My wife and I have worked together with couples for over twelve years, offering counseling and Marriage Intensives. Our goal is to exhibit the compassion of Christ for hurting hearts as we work together to address difficult issues. We believe God’s Word is full of gems of truth that are relevant and applicable to our lives and marriages. We seek to trust the promises of God as we strive to grow toward healing and wholeness in Him. If your marriage could use some additional attention and care, we would be honored to serve you and your spouse in this way.

Anger and Conflict

I have a lot of experience working with couples and individuals who live in chronic conflict and relational chaos. Do you sometimes feel the need to express your feelings, no matter the cost? This might be done in the name of, “just telling my truth,” or “I have a right to express what I feel.” I will gently challenge unhelpful thinking, and help you discover what it means to speak the truth with love and care. You will be given communication skills that allow you to express your needs in a way that gets results, rather than perpetuating the behaviors that upset you. I will help you learn to walk through an “expression skill” that reduces high-intensity conflicts while respectfully addressing problems. Within that, you will learn an “understanding skill” that helps enter the other person’s world with compassion and empathy. Together, you will be able to both express your needs and concerns effectively, while also working to build mutual respect for the well-being of your partner.

Pornography Addiction

I have extensive experience in counseling men who struggle with pornography addiction. I understand how difficult it can be to break away from addiction, especially when living in a world that perpetuates sexual imagery and behaviors. I also understand the deep shame and fear that might hinder you from seeking help. As a Christian, the Lord was gracious in giving me a heart for compassion and genuine desire for helping those in bondage. Sexual addiction is a bond like no other, and we will work together toward solutions that work for your individual experiences. We will first spend some time getting to know one another so you can feel safe and ready to delve into the concern sat your own pace. We will then seek to discover the hidden causes for your addiction while pursuing solutions that will help you gain control of unwanted sexual thoughts and behaviors.

Grief and Loss

I offer individual and group counseling for grief. I’ve helped clients process for catastrophic loss, sickness (long and short-term illness leading to death), losing a child to cancer, SIDS, suicide, death due to violence or accidents, and more. We all experience grief in our own way. I’m here to support you in whatever you need, whether you want help moving past loss, need someone to help you process questions about death, dying, and faith, or just need to sit with someone in silence and tears. There is no time frame or special formula for overcoming grief, but I will encourage you to keep moving forward. Grief is necessary and it is important to allow yourself to experience it fully. This can be hard, so I’m here to provide you a respectful and safe place for healing at your own pace and in your own way.

Post Traumatic Stress

If you’ve struggled with issues related to domestic violence, sexual abuse, chronic emotional abuse, neglect, or traumatic accidents, I can help you work toward healing. You might experience frequent nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, grief, anger, and relationships struggles. You might even find yourself stuck in damaging behaviors such as sexual promiscuity or substance abuse. The many and sometimes confusing emotions you experience are normal, and the behaviors used to deal with these intense feelings served a necessary purpose. Together we will unpack your memories and emotions safely, so you can move toward peace and a sense of safety instead of fear. From there, you will be given tools and perspectives for moving toward healthy ways of dealing with pain and stress, so you can live fully. If you’re married and experience issues of post traumatic stress, I will work with you and your spouse, so you both get the support necessary for recovery.

Sessions: I offer 53-minute sessions. Sessions can be held more than once per week, weekly, or every other week. Scheduling options are discussed in greater detail during your Risk-Free Initial Session.

Availability (by office location):

  • Silverdale – Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday & Thursday

Fees: I offer a Risk-Free Initial Session for Individuals, Couples and Marriage Therapy Intensives looking to pursue counseling with me. Please note that there is a fee for the Risk-Free Initial Session as it is a clinical hour and reimbursable to most insurance companies, but if you choose not to reschedule and continue therapy after the initial session the entire fee for the session will be waived. For ongoing treatment the full fee per session is required at the time of service. For more information regarding standard session fees, please contact me directly at or 360-447-8367.

Insurance: As a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT) a majority of insurance companies will reimburse for a portion of my services (as an Out of Network Provider). Please consult with your insurance provider as to whether they specifically cover individuals, couples and families.

Receipts/Statements: In the event you require a printed or digital receipt, I will provide receipts for personal use, insurance reimbursement, Flex Spending Accounts (FSA), and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Payment options: Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express). A fee of up to 3.7% plus $0.15 per transaction will be added for credit card payments.

Focus Areas

  • Anger Management

  • Codependency

  • Christian Couples Counseling

  • Grief Counseling

  • Individual Counseling

  • Infidelity and Affairs

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Men’s Issues

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Relationship Issues

  • Sex And Porn Addiction