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Kate Savage, MS, LMHC, CMHS, MHP

Licensed Mental Health Therapist
(253) 269-4323   |   [email protected]

I understand that healing can take time. With an open mind and acceptance, I offer a space for you to process your concerns and offload the burdens you carry. Together we will work to understand the root cause of your pain, then establish a plan change and recovery. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, relational issues, or other circumstances, it is my privilege to walk alongside you in your journey, helping you to discover ways to overcome your challenges and find strength in God.

Online (WA only) – Thu, Fri and Sat

As your therapist, I combine my professional training and personal experiences to help you overcome any difficulties that you are facing. My specialties include working with women with issues including anxiety, trauma recovery, balancing being a wife and mom, relationship difficulties, and more. Whether you’re looking for a therapist for yourself or your teenager, I invite you to schedule an appointment today.

My goal as a therapist is to support, validate, and empower my clients to achieve their goals and overcome the struggles in their lives. My hope is that you will gain confidence through your therapeutic work with me—confidence in knowing that you can continue to work through life’s challenges even after our work together is complete.

My Goal as a Christian Counselor

My goal as a therapist is to support, validate, and empower my clients to achieve their goals and overcome the struggles in their lives. My hope is that you will gain confidence through your therapeutic work with me—confidence in knowing that you can continue to work through life’s challenges even after our work together is complete.

What I Offer in Christian Counseling

It takes courage to come to therapy and allow a professional into the deepest, darkest parts of our lives. I strive to create a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic space where you feel able to share your concerns. During our first session, we will begin to create a treatment plan to identify your goals throughout our work together. We will work carefully together to identify the root of the issue and implement the skills needed to overcome your struggles.

My Approach to Christian Counseling

I approach therapy as a team effort. We will work together, in order for you to meet your goals and become your most authentic self– the way that God created you to be.

Qualifications & Experience

I earned my Bachelor of Arts & Science Degree from the University of Washington, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies. After earning my Bachelor’s Degree, I went on to study emergency medicine, earning a certificate as an Emergency Medical Technician. I became nationally recognized as an emergency responder and worked in the field prior to beginning my graduate studies. In 2017, I graduated from Walden University with a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Throughout my graduate studies and afterwards, I worked for a local non-profit facility, providing therapy services for underprivileged children.

In addition, I am certified as a Child Mental Health Specialist, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (TF-CBT), and Certified Therapist in Developmental Disabilities. I am also currently working on becoming certified as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

My Call to Christian Counseling

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to have a career helping people. I was naturally good at listening, empathetic, detail-oriented, and loved offering support to friends and family. During my first few years of college, I took some introductory courses in psychology and fell in love with the study of how the brain works. I dreamt of becoming a therapist and helping people overcome obstacles in their life.

Through personal struggles in my own life, I have listened to where God has wanted me to go and what He has planned for me. It has been revealed to me that becoming a therapist is exactly where God wants me to be. He has also placed a tremendous desire in my heart to help women who have had similar experiences to mine.

More About Me/On a Personal Note

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and have lived here my entire life. Although, I would love to move across the country someday for a different experience. I became a Christian during college in one of the least most Christian populated cities in the nation. I have been married to my amazing husband since 2013. Together we have three daughters. Being a mama has been one of the greatest gifts that God has ever given me.

I enjoy spending time with my family at home. On weekends, we like to be outside together. When I am not at home with my family, I enjoy being with friends and working out. I like to hike, take on new adventures, DIY projects, home decorating, reading, and date nights with my husband. I love iced coffee and usually never leave the house without a cup in my hand!

Areas of Expertise/Specialties

  • Anxiety
  • Individual Counseling
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Relationship Issues
  • Trauma
  • Women’s Issues

Anxiety and Depression

One of the first steps in assessing anxiety and depression is to determine what the triggers are. There are a variety of circumstances that can cause anxiety and depression. It can be debilitating and lonely. If you find yourself feeling alone and overwhelmed, know that help is available. My goal as your therapist is to work alongside you to identify the stressors in your life that are impacting your anxiety and/or depression, then implement strategies with God’s help to make positive changes in your life. “All things are possible with God” (Matthew 19:26).

Individual Therapy

God calls us to be in community with one another. We are not meant to walk alone. Life is a journey full of unexpected changes and transitions. Understanding that God’s plan and timing are perfect can bring peace to our lives. As your therapist, I will provide support for you through your healing.

Women’s Issues

One of my favorite Bible verses is Psalm 46:5 – “God is within her. She will not fall.” Oftentimes as women, we can get down on ourselves, comparing ourselves to other women, and/or the woman we were before. Whether you are struggling with postpartum challenges, relational issues, your identity, or trying to balance being a wife and/or mom, I will be here for you. I have also struggled with some of these issues in the past and understand the challenges that women often face. As your therapist, I will help you feel loved and empowered as we work through God’s purpose for your life.

Sessions: I offer 53-minute sessions. Sessions can be held more than once per week, weekly, or every other week. Scheduling options are discussed in greater detail during your Risk-Free Initial Session.

Availability (by office location):

  • Online (WA only) – Thursday, Fridays and Saturday

Fees: I offer a Risk-Free Initial Session for Individuals, Couples, and Women looking to pursue counseling with me. Please note that there is a fee for the Risk-Free Initial Session as it is a clinical hour and reimbursable to some insurance companies, but if you choose not to reschedule and continue therapy after the initial session the entire fee for the session will be waived. For ongoing treatment the full fee per session is required at the time of service.

Insurance: As a Licensed Mental Health Therapist (LMHC), some insurance companies will reimburse for a portion of my services (as an Out of Network Provider). Please consult with your insurance provider as to whether they specifically cover adolescents, individuals and couples.

Receipts/Statements: In the event you require a printed or digital receipt, I will provide receipts for personal use, insurance reimbursement, Flex Spending Accounts (FSA), and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Payment options: Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express). A fee of up to 3.7% plus $0.15 per transaction will be added for credit card payments.

Focus Areas

  • Anxiety

  • Individual Counseling

  • PTSD

  • Relationship Issues

  • Trauma

  • Women’s Issues


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