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  • Bailey Walters

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor

    (425) 395-8559

    I am a Christian counselor open to working with individuals, couples, and families wherever they are at in their journey. My hope is that you will experience love, humility, and warmth throughout each session as we seek to find practical ways for you to overcome the issues you’re facing. In my practice, I incorporate a variety of professional therapeutic techniques combined with faith in the Lord to bring about lasting transformation. Together we will craft a treatment plan that is catered to your unique needs as we rely on God’s help for effective change.

  • Dr. Vance Whippo

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

    (425) 620-8900

    With over 20 years of counseling experience as well as working through my own personal struggles, I have a great deal of empathy and knowledge about personal suffering. My hope for you is that through our sessions together, you will find relief from the pain you’re experiencing and reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. As human beings in a broken world, we are guaranteed to endure suffering in some form or another – but we do not need to suffer alone or indefinitely. Through God’s Word and a biblical perspective, we can work together to find answers, understanding, healing, and hope in Christ.

  • Michelle Thorsteinson

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

    (425) 608-0729

    As your therapist, I offer honesty, openness, comfort, and a commitment to seeking God’s guidance and direction for our time together. In John 10:10b, Jesus says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” As your counselor, I will listen for those parts of your story where you are not experiencing “life to the full” and explore possibilities for how your story could be expressed differently and with preferred meaning moving forward. Ultimately, my priority is to give my best to your process, and to trust that our mutual commitment toward your healing and wholeness will help draw you closer to the fullness of life that God intends for you.

  • Jason Burns

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor

    (425) 419-0895

    As your counselor, I will listen to you and your story without judgment. I will work alongside you with your best interests in mind. In our sessions together, I will follow your lead and be sensitive to your limitations. With a gentle balance, I will graciously nudge you when appropriate and give you space to process as necessary. I specialize in counseling for teens and adults, working through a wide variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, abandonment, relationship issues, and much more. I look forward to hearing your story and watching the Lord work in your life.

  • Nicolle Maurer

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor

    (425) 477-4141

    I desire to create an environment where you can feel safe, seen, and valued for who you are as an individual made in the image of God. I view our time together as a chance to learn, play, risk, heal, and come away impacted by one another. I employ humor and playfulness in sessions when it is appropriate, but also feel very comfortable with intense feelings of anger and grief. I am not overwhelmed easily by big feelings, so I will invite you to bring those in with you to our sessions instead of leaving them at the proverbial door.

Everett Christian Counseling Highlights

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Leah is an incredible therapist. She is easy to connect with, open up to and trust with all of my thoughts, feelings and experiences. She is intelligent, intuitive and non-judgmental. I always feel important in her presence and feel like she truly cares. See her! She will help you to change your life. She’s simply the best 🙂

Aimee Seaborne

Google Review

Melinda is warm, caring and compassionate. She moves in such joy and causes everyone around her to feel at ease. She also has a unique way of being able to see a person the way Jesus sees them, which is truly beautiful. I would undoubtedly recommend Melinda to anyone in need of counseling.

Rachel H

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Vanessa makes a genuine connection with her clients. She truly cares for people and is always willing to go above and beyond. She works hard, is very reliable and is committed to follow up in a timely manner. She is trust worthy and always honest. I would highly recommend working with her

Philip Martin

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I have had the privilege of knowing Leah Chambers professionally for almost a decade. She is deeply passionate and knowledgeable about helping others heal from trauma. She is also creative and thinks outside of the box, ensuring a safe therapeutic space for her clients.

Courtney Baggs

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I had a few positive visits here with Lindsey. She said a few things that gave me courage and it was a good experience.

Ryan Riggins

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I have been seeing Tammette for several months, and I can attest she is a great therapist. She is very caring and a great listener. She gives advice without judgement. She helped me and also my daughter. I highly recommend her!

Lilo Ritter

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I’ve been seeing Missy for three years now and our visits have very literally changed my life. I have always felt safe to be completely open with her and she has helped me to reframe unhealthy mindsets and coping mechanisms I’d always had and I can finally say I’m finding freedom from them. She has been a lifeline after I had a traumatic event happen and struggled with PTSD. She has always worked with my wildly varying schedule. I can’t recommend her enough, she is absolutely wonderful.

Rachel Burton

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Nicole is a great counselor. I love every chance i get to process my life with her. She asks great questions and listens carefully to what I’m saying while also showing empathy in thinking into how I am likely feeling. I feel very understood with her

Rebecca Shepski

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Nicolle Maurer always warmly receives my request to meet and makes me feel wanted. She asks me important and insightful questions and she listens thoughtfully to my answers. She asks more questions and listens more, and she empathizes. Nicolle never leaves me emptied and barren – she timely opens doors of helpful – but not presumptuous- understanding for me to consider. Nicolle knows my thirst for biblical perspective and truth and she is deeply equipped with a relationship with God, and with knowledge and skills to quench my thirst along with oferring additional resources. I always feel heard, stirred to beneficial thought and growth, and cared for in my soul by her. I’m so thankful for her!

Patricia Smith

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