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I have worked with Dr. Gary Bell quite extensively in the past and have found his solution oriented therapeutic style to be motivating, challenging yet supportive. Good therapy also takes a good relationship, and a healthy dose of humor does not hurt. Dr. Bell provides all of the above, along with sound moral and ethical therapeutic boundaries. In the past I have not hesitated in referring clients to Dr. Bell. It is the Inland Empire’s loss and the Seattle area’s gain that Dr. Bell has relocated his practice.

Alan Wager, LMFT

Alan Wager

Susan Goertz was absolutely wonderful. My boyfriend and I saw her for premarital counseling. She was very accommodating to our schedules, addressed our issues and gave us great advice for our future together. We left counseling feeling better about our relationship and ourselves. Susan has a very calming presence and genuinely cares about her clients.

Jasmine Johnson

One of the fascinating traits associated with Andrew Engstrom is his ability to coach couples by helping them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and a growing appreciation of their spouse, or future spouse. Let’s face it, all of us have baggage. Seeing ourselves and others in a healthy view is key to making healthy choices and sustaining loving relationships. Andrew is a master at his craft and excels in guiding men and woman to develop greater depth in their personal and professional relationships.

Brad Stewart

I’ve known Andrew Engstrom and his lovely wife for years, and I can honestly say that if I weren’t his friend I would have totally hired him as a therapist. Andrew is incredibly intuitive, a remarkable communicator, mature and trustworthy, personally invested in helping others, and one of the people whose faith has kept me from abandoning Christianity. As a friend/brother he has used his gifts in generous and discerning ways to aid both myself and my husband in times of prayer and deep conversation. I would trust him with my life.

Beth Marie Miller

I have known Andrew Engstrom for several years. He is a genuine lover of people and of God. He is beyond his years in wisdom and has a strange favor with God that seems to give him incredible insight. He never seems to get flustered and he offers a large and accepting amount of grace to everyone he meets. Andrew is pensive with an exceptional sense of humor and relational openness. I find him very approachable and fun to work with. Thank you for your time with me, Andrew.

James Canfield

Andrew is one of the most integrity-filled, Spirit-filled, sensitive and supportive people I have ever met. He is authentic to the core, humble, discerning, and thoroughly kind. I would recommend him to anyone who is preparing to face difficulties and fears, and anyone who is facing difficulties and fears while not at all prepared! He walks beside you, cares, and his counsel is honest and wise. I highly recommend him.

Melissa Lucas

Andrew is a really outstanding guy with a great sense of how God works in our lives. He’s easy to talk to, positive, and he’s great at keeping faith front and center.

Joseph Martin

Highly recommended. I had four sessions with Nitish Matthew while navigating a rough patch in my career. Nitish kept me focused on my identity in Christ while helping me discover and implement key actions to get myself back on track. I’m thankful for the time we spent together.

Colin Anthony

Erik worked with me to help me understand the the many layers of relationships, family, and faith.

Jeremy Vincent

I have worked with Madison Fergerstrom in the past and she is a super star! She is incredible gifted in her communication skills and listening abilities. She is in this profession because she cares deeply about others and is going to give her all to help improve your life!

Kevin Stanley

Maddey Fergerstrom is an excellent counselor. She is warm & welcoming, and helps people go to the deep places where healing can occur.

Leanne Schamp

Susan is a phenomenal therapist. She is knowledgeable and professional, yet eminently approachable. I would trust I would highly recommend her.

Greg Evans

Having known Susan for over 10 years as both a colleague and friend, I can attest to her clear gifting in the treatment of individuals and families. I would not be able to enumerate the important skills i have gleaned from simple conversations with Susan. I have witnessed her passion for treatment in various settings, be it assisting and leading at State Board levels, or in the intimate therapeutic setting with distressed families. Few therapists possess and fewer demonstrate empathy and compassion needed to create the clinical relationship Susan is capable of. I have and will continue to steer clients to this incredibly valuable resource.

Chad Smith

Susan Goertz has the unique ability to deliver truth in love. She is the definition of what a warm, compassionate, and grace-filled therapist is to be. I’m grateful to her for modeling kindness to me as both a professional and a friend.

Jonathan Cook

I have collaborated as a colleague with Daniel McKenzie for several years and have known him to provide a thoughtful and caring approach to serving each of his clients on a consistent basis. I have experienced him to have an ongoing dedication to learning and expanding his experience professionally. I can recommend him highly as a therapist accordingly.

Rob Baker

I have known Daniel for several years as a colleague. He is compassionate and understands the issues of sex addiction and parenting. He understands the uniquely difficult situations we find ourselves in these days, and is able to help with healing from anxiety and depression, as well as sex addiction.

Ann Horton

Daniel McKenzie is an excellent choice for teenage boys, you will be happy with his ability to relate, be cool enough and positive influence.

Liz S

I went to graduate school with Chris and have been collaborating with him in private practice since 2013. Chris is a great counselor and colleague. He is compassionate, knowledgeable, and relatable. I strongly recommend his counseling services!

Serge Hovaguimian

I have worked with Chris Chandler for the past three years and appreciate the combination of professionalism, accountability, grace and strong work ethic in our working time together. I especially appreciate his timely coordination with therapy planning and sensitivity to partner trauma and grief. I look forward to continuing to work with Chris in the months and years to come!

Susan Ward-Moynihan

Kevin is fantastic. His approach to counseling is tailored to the individual, is soft while being direct. Religious or not, I’d highly encourage and recommend anyone, of any faith to go see Kevin.

Tim Driggers

Dr. Boll has been helping me through a crisis time in my life by pointing me to Jesus. He is also giving me practical tools and encouragement that as I use them are helping me get to a place of healing and wholeness.

Ericka Wallace

Kevin Boll is an effective counselor due to his excellent communication skills and his acceptance of who you are (he hears what you sharing). He is compassionate and he has great problem-solving skills. Kevin holds you accountable for your actions. He loves our Lord Jesus!

Barbara Foord

Missy is a great counselor who has been easy to talk with about matters happening with our daughter. She is great with our daughter. Our daughter doesn’t want to go but once she has spent a session with Missy she cant stop talking about how she enjoyed talking with Missy.

Tim Stoudt

I have worked with Erik as a colleague for a few years. I refer to him often because I know that his approach is grounded in Biblical principles of grace and truth. He values people and is highly skilled in working with a variety of struggles. I have received positive feedback from clients that Erik has helped. I highly recommend him.

Preeti Shah

I have known Erik Mildes for many years. As a Christian counselor he is not only a man of diverse experience and knowledge, but also understanding, integrity and empathy. His goal is to see his clients improve so that they ultimately don’t need him. I would definitely recommend him.

Jude Hubbell

I have known Erik Mildes for about 15 years. He is an exceptional therapist. He is able to deeply hear what people are really saying and nothing is too much for him. I have noticed that clients bring their hardest struggles to him and he helps them sort through what is going on and find lasting help. He is a solid Christian, both respectful of other people’s beliefs but very grounded in his beliefs

Erika Baxter

worked with Erik Mildes of Bothell Christian Counseling for several years. He’s a man of integrity, good humor and grit, clear on personal boundaries and confidentiality, consistent in his faith. He takes the counseling work prayerfully, yet is not stuffy about the process.

I especially appreciate how Erik was fine with having my husband sit in on a counseling session every few months. Given the intimate nature of psychological and spiritual counseling, such accountability (more than simply putting a face to a name) is wise. Erik repeatedly honored the “sanctity of marriage” (as he called it) by listening to my husband’s side of the story, encouraging him for his faithfulness and calling me to be responsible for my part in our marital conflicts.

Every friend and family member I have referred to Erik’s group has thanked me. In one case, the friend-of-a-friend finally found a Christian counselor familiar with (not unnerved by) dissociative disorders, in the past, more of a niche market, apparently. (Erik did not “confirm or deny” whether he was working with my friend’s friend, let alone tell me how she was doing.)

With God’s help, through Erik, my life changed for the better. I’ve “tried” quite a few counselors in my day, and Erik was the keeper

Jeanne Gray

I have worked with David Hodel and he is an thoughtful, thought-provoking person. His insights into situations exceeded my expectations. I also know that his therapy style produces results in his clients!

Lilla Marie

I was blessed with the opportunity to have had Missy Neill as my counselor. She help me cope after the loss of my husband. She provided me with tools to get my life going again. She is kind, caring and a great listener. I would highly recommend Missy and Kent Christian Counseling to others.

Tasha Lindsey

I am a Clinical Psychologist based in Florida and have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Reyes as a colleague. She is a highly caring and skilled psychologist, who does everything she can to ensure that her patient’s are able to overcome their obstacles and get back to their normal functioning.

Gregory Van Dam

It feels awkward to rate a counselor like an Amazon purchase. So instead of rating Benita, I’ll tell you how I feel after spending an hour with her… I feel better. Like 5 stars better. I feel heard and understood, and I leave with helpful and applicable wisdom that makes sense.

Allison Gray

Benita is a wonderful counselor. She is kind and thoughtful. She is able to help you find new ways to look at issues and help you discover how to address the issues.

Laura Hetrick

Benita has been a wonderful counselor offering insight and advice with a Christian perspective. She is attentive, listens well, and is perceptive. I highly recommend her as a family counselor.

Von Gray

I would highly recommend Benita Weems to anyone seeking counseling. She is a great listener, gives truly insightful feedback and genuinely cares for her clients.

Lauren Russell

Benita Weems has been insightful, caring, and comforting during some very dark days. She has helped guide my wife and I through this trying season of life and we are very appreciative. She comes highly recommended.

William Russell

Excellent experienced counseling! Highly recommended! Benita is insightful, engaged and I have appreciated her guidance.

William Russell

Carrie Umporowicz is a warm, thoughtful therapist, and a great listener. She shows her clients how much they mean to her.

Cody Lail
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