It is difficult sometimes to feel energized in the morning. Sometimes, the daily repetitive routines of our lives make us feel less energetic and less enthusiastic about our morning routine.

If you are like me and you focus on your most important personal goals in the middle or the later part of the day, then mornings can feel like a dull transition period before the exciting part of the day begins.

The truth is our mornings are just as sacred to the Lord as our afternoons and evenings. Inviting the Lord into the start of your day can give you more energy to steward the morning well.

Feeling more energized in the morning will allow you to be ready for the ministry opportunities the Lord brings before you.

What if every morning in your life could feel like Christmas morning?

I am about to introduce you to system created by Kat Lee in her book, Hello Mornings, to make you feel the Lord’s inspiration, strength, and excitement as part of each morning routine.

The Morning Routine System

1) God

Read a verse or two from your favorite passage of Scripture in the Bible. Spend a minute on this step.

2) Plan

Open up your phone and look at your personal and professional calendars. Think how to prioritize important appointments and whether anything needs to be rescheduled or added to your calendars. Spend a minute on this step.

3) Move

Do a simple task that takes a minute. Examples include: Drinking a glass of water, asking Alexa to play your favorite tune then dancing to the beat, doing a few push ups, doing planks, and doing a few jumping jacks.

The Lord calls us to the little things first before He gives us bigger things. These little steps are crucial. These three one-minute steps are the anchors of your morning routine. They hold in place the positive habits that you are trying to form and they will be there for you each and every day to keep you going toward holistic spiritual formation.

As you practice this morning routine system for about a month, you will realize that almost automatically you will want to have more than a minute in each of the three steps.

God bless you as you practice these energizing steps to totally transform your mornings.

Lee, K. (2017). Hello Mornings: How to build a grace-filled, life-giving morning routine. Nashville, TN: W Publishing Group.

“Tea and Word,” courtesy of Nathan Dumlao,, CC0 License; “Morning Coffee,” courtesy of David Mao,, CC0 License


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