Abandonment: Identifying Red Flags and Healing the Inner Child

Abandonment can cause significant issues for adults, even decades after being abandoned by parents or loved ones. When people are traumatized as children, they have emotional wounds left open. Sometimes those emotional wounds are light scratches, while others are gaping open and deeply painful. Examples of abandonment. These wounds are long-lasting and show up in different ways, as in these examples: Samantha Samantha is a thirty-four-year-old who has had a difficult time trusting people. She constantly blames herself for the problems of those around her and that self-inflicted guilt is a lot of weight to carry. She grew up in a [...]

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Counseling for Teens: Anxiety Over Future Plans

Teens today are bombarded with so many decisions, questions, and pressures. Outside of counseling for teens, they may ask themselves questions like these: Am I going to pursue college or trade school after I graduate, or go into the military or workforce? What kind of part-time job am I going to pursue while still trying to have a social life in high school? Am I going to pursue my musical talent, athletic talent, or both? Am I going to save for college, an apartment, or a trip after graduation? Am I going to spend my weekends building my volunteer resume or try [...]

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Two Common Types of Anger Disorders: Can Counseling Help?

For people with anger disorders, severe emotional dysregulation frequently follows feelings of anger. For these people, irritation and frustration can quickly devolve into an all-out rage. However, for most people, anger is a natural emotion that comes and goes without causing much damage or disruption to their lives. It may be difficult to process or express in healthy ways, but anger usually doesn’t lead to intense emotional dysregulation. While different types of anger disorders all present with varied symptoms and have different causes, dysfunctional rage is the one unifying hallmark of these disorders. Uncontrolled rage can lead to difficulties in many [...]

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10 Bible Verses to Help You Handle Holiday Grief

Holiday grief can be difficult to handle, yet God’s Word is a wonderful source of comfort when we are grieving, whether it is during the holidays or on ordinary days, all year long. Here are ten of the best Bible verses to help you handle holiday grief this season.The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. – Psalm 34:18Do you feel brokenhearted this holiday season? Maybe it’s due to a loved one’s death. It may also be due to a tough breakup, divorce, or even a pet’s passing. Holidays can be hard when you feel heartbroken. [...]

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Overcoming Toxic Shame from a Christian Perspective

Overcoming toxic shame can be one of the most important steps you take for personal and spiritual growth. Toxic shame is one of the most difficult emotions to get past. It is challenging to see on your own, yet it can affect nearly every area of your life. By meditating on Bible verses about shame, you can have the overcoming power that God provides. Bible verses on shame can help you cast aside the heaviness of toxic shame and choose faith and hope instead. God sees every part of your shame and wants to set you free from it. He will [...]

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God’s Promises During Grief

There will be a time in life when you face grief. It happens and no one person is immune to the loss of a loved one. We are not guaranteed life. Whether it is by disease or accident, loved ones will pass from this world. With this loss comes a tidal wave of emotions. The leader of this pack is called grief. It can overcome you at any moment. Even when you think you have it together it can strike you like a match that is striking flint. How do you survive this pain? How do you learn to enjoy life [...]

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Attachment Disorders in Adults: Types and Effects

Adult attachment disorders refer to the various difficulties associated with reading emotions, showing affection, and trusting others. These disorders often begin in childhood and can affect everything from a person's self-esteem to relationship satisfaction. Treatment can help people become more aware of their attachment styles and learn to communicate their needs appropriately with others. The process of developing healthy emotional relationships is a key factor in achieving happiness and improving the quality of life. However, a significant portion of the human population does not have the ability to connect with other individuals and form meaningful relationships. This condition is called attachment disorder. [...]

What is Anxiety and What is Said About it in the Bible?

Before I say anything else, it is important to stress that not all anxiety is bad! Yes, you heard me right. Low-grade anxiety in certain situations is not only normal but is good. It keeps us hypervigilant and alert when there is a real threat to our lives. Anxiety is one way our body helps us survive. Unfortunately, though, anxiety can often bleed into other areas of our lives. Areas where there is not an actual threat to our lives, but we feel this looming dread or sense of impending doom that can begin to negatively affect our functioning and decision-making. [...]

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How To Move Forward and Overcome the Grieving Process

When you love someone or something, experiencing the loss of that thing or person can be nearly unbearable. Grieving is how we work through the various emotions we experience in the wake of that loss. Grief can be challenging and uncomfortable, especially as it brings up feelings we’d rather not experience. If we understand the grieving process, we can prepare ourselves somewhat to go through it and emerge on the other side. When we experience loss, that means that our lives will not be the same again – the role that person played in our lives, and the memories attached to [...]

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