Couples Counseling: Simple and Overlooked Relationship Game-Changers

When we think of relationship problems for couples, we often wrack our brains and try to figure out where we are going wrong or are falling short. Finances, extra hours at work, and raising children can all cause tension in a relationship. However, sometimes the thing we overlook most is taking the small opportunities to invest in our relationship. Vincent Van Gogh said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Small changes can make a big difference, as well as sessions of couples counseling when you need insight into your problems. Couples counseling: simple and overlooked relationship [...]

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Finding Your Tribe: Healing Rejection and Abandonment Through Created Community

Healing rejection and abandonment is possible through created community. Finding your tribe of supporters is a key way to start healing from these hurts. The Bible is many things, including a book that offers insight into relationships. Its narrative highlights the value of different kinds of community: whether family, friend, or faith partner. Instructions from its stories reveal God’s heart for humanity. Our God wants us to experience Him advocating for us. He also places us in proximity to people who will champion us. Community is God’s idea. He abides in fellowship with Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Out [...]

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Healing from the Effects of Abandonment Trauma

Abandonment trauma refers to the behaviors and emotional distress that come about as a result of experiences that made you feel unsafe, insecure, isolated, and/or alone as a child. It is an unhealthy fear of loss or rejection, rooted in anxiety, and may include deep emotional and psychological pain associated with memories of being left behind, physically or emotionally neglected, and/or abandoned. While abandonment trauma most commonly begins in early childhood, it can happen at any time of life. Adults may, for example, experience abandonment trauma as the result of the sudden, untimely death of a loved one, or an unwanted [...]

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Coping Strategies for the Highly Sensitive Student

The term “Highly Sensitive Person” (HSP for short) refers to someone whose nervous system is wired differently from others. They are deeply affected by sensory information, like excessive noise, bright lights, or violent movies. The highly sensitive person also tends to observe and “ingest” the emotions of those around them, embodying others’ feelings for long periods. This trait affects people of all ages and backgrounds and can prove to be burdensome and draining. Nowhere is it more of a burden than in high school or college, however. The high-volume workloads, deadlines, and complex relationships that take place in the life of [...]

Spiritual Fitness: Creating a Realistic New Year’s Resolution

Most of us could not escape the commercialism throughout the holiday season without hearing how to get physically fit or healthy living or joining a gym will improve our life! So what makes our lives better? Spiritual fitness! How does that happen – and what does it look like in real life? The answer is given through Proverbs 3:1 “Good friend, don’t forget all I’ve taught you; take to heart my commands.” God insists that we trust Him fully and not try to figure out everything on our own. Once we build our faith and our relationship with God, that strengthens [...]

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Understanding ADHD Symptoms in Children

Parenting, caregiving, or teaching are difficult tasks. It doesn’t matter how healthy or well-mannered or obedient your child is; it is never easy to train up a child in the way he or she should go. Though some behaviors can appear similar to ADHD symptoms that result from lack of proper structure, sleep, and healthy discipline, a clinical ADHD diagnosis can create challenges in child-rearing. Consequently, when concerns arise about your child’s development, mental health, or behavior, it is easy to become overwhelmed and uncertain of how to move forward. If you suspect your child may have ADHD, you may have questions [...]

What to Do When You’re Facing Money Problems

When you have money problems, you can experience significant stress. We wonder whether we can take care of hospital bills, whether we’ll have a roof over our heads, what we and our children will eat, and so much more. God is sympathetic to all this and the needs and concerns you have: “and your heavenly Father knows that you need them” (Matthew 6:32 HCSB). God wants us to have peace, even when we’re going through a tumultuous time. In For The Love of Money, the O’Jays warned us about the things that people are willing to do for money. “For the love [...]

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What Does it Mean to Be Neurodivergent?

When people hear the word neurodivergent initially they think of autism spectrum disorder, a neurological condition characterized by differences in social communication, as well as, sensory-motor behaviors that may be restricted or repetitive.While ASD is one of the primary diagnoses of neurodivergent persons, it is not the only one. ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia, and other developmental conditions also fall under the neurological conditions that an individual is born with.The term “neurodivergent” is used to describe normal and naturally occurring differences in the brain that can present in both challenging and positive ways. An individual who is considered neurodiverse exhibits behaviors, learning, and [...]

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Different Types and Effects of Trauma

Trauma is the response to something - usually one or more events - that overwhelms a person's ability to cope with it. Everyone experiences and reacts in different ways and the effects of trauma can include feelings of anguish, fear, helplessness and loss of control. Due to the difficult nature of these events, trauma is often hidden, unreported or denied. There are many reasons for this, including fear of getting in trouble, shame, guilt, or guilt about the event or fear of the perpetrator. Many young people who experience it learn to cope with the effects of trauma, but sometimes extra support [...]

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